Monday, August 1, 2011

Rough Sea This Week - Nock-ten

I've been to Tanjung Leman for the past 3 months but this time the sea is the roughest I've ever seen in this area. I guessed it's most likely to be affected by the storm called Nock-ten which hits the Philippines and South Korea badly. from Tuesday this week killing more than 50 in Philippines alone.
For the detail reports on the storm, visit this link:

Rough sea  viewed from Leman Beach with Sibu Island and Pulau Tinggi

The condition on the beach is actually not so bad although strong wind is felt and I spent time capturing some photograph of the Leman Beach.

Beach Camping

My favorite resting spot below the sea hibiscus tree at the center of picture

On the next day, the sea had calmed down in the morning but just before noon the condition begins to turn bad again. We're in the sea when the strong wind started to blow again and we could not finish collect the fish from all the fish trap. Just had to turn back. Brought back some lobster, one grouper, one large eel catfish and a few snapper. Sold the lobster and cooked the eel catfish.

Lobster caught

Eel Catfish
Russel’s Snapper or Ikan Tanda

We actually went back out to sea to try our luck with Apollo net and got back with some king prawns, tiger prawn and all sorts of fishes. But I had to come back after the second cast when the sea got so rough that for the first time I got sea sick. Went back to Skudai at about 6 pm with just some king prawn, a grouper and a mangrove snapper for the family.

King prawn

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