Sunday, August 28, 2011

Accumulate more Fish Photo

After taking a break last week, I felt so desperate to do the trip this week. I'm beginning to suspect that fishing should be a form of addiction. And I think sea sickness is the main cause of that addition. I might be wrong but since drugs, alcohol and gambling involve some parts of the body being hurt or under stress and stimulated, there could be a possibility that I am right about this.

The Timur Tengaroh 2 village is becoming more quiet as the Hari Raya festival is approaching. This village is considered a newer settlement and naturally the villagers will go back to their original village during the Hari Raya festive. Salleh's family is already preparing to go back to their village when I arrived.

This is the fourth week of the Ramadan month and the Muslim is still  fasting. I still have to refrain from eating and smoking in public. Something I respect about Salleh is he is still able to perform his tough fishing job while fasting.

The catch I would say is still not as good as compared to June but I do accumulate more fish photograph. I will put these up in my Fish Identification List some time this week.

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