Thursday, April 12, 2012

Musim Ketarap

After a long break from fishing since the NE Monsoon started in October last year, finally Salleh invited me over to Tanjung Leman to fish for Blackspot Tuskfish. This fish is one of the most expensive fish from this area although in term of personal preference, I still prefer John’s Snapper. The fish can be easily identified by the black spot at the back of it's body. This black spot only become distinct after the fish is landed for a certain time.
We started fishing at about 8 am. We're using life prawns, dead prawns and squid as bait but all 7 Tuskfish were caught using life prawn. Initial Tuskfish bite felt like a small fish but when the fish is hooked, a 1kg tuskfish felt like a 3-5kg fish. Almost all of them were caught when the sunlight was bright.

Nasir got the fist one

Salleh got his Ketarap

I'm under pressure now


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