Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rain, snake and fish from Pulau Tinggi

The catch for the week is just OK, as usual mostly groupers and snappers. Saturday was a rainy day and I didn't go to sea. Instead I drove to the old jetty. There are some folks fishing. They only caught some belanger croakers. Feels good to be on the jetty. The photograph below was taken from my car.

Sea is quite rough for this week. I had to admit I vomited in the sea while waiting for the boat to start up. It was the last pull when my "tekong", Encik Salleh can't start his engine.

Got this picture of a 2 meters yellow king cobra by the road side on Sunday morning.

The fish pictures collected this week is very good as I got a fisherman friend just came back from Pulau Tinggi with his bubu catch. For the first time I had a big range of parrot fish pictures. Going to take some time before I can figure out what species are these and put it into my fish identification list..

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